Information for authors

If a manuscript is not accepted by one journal in the NPRC, the authors have the option to submit their manuscript to a second NPRC journal and have the reviews from the first journal forwarded to the second journal. NPRC currently has 75 participating neuroscience journals, you can sort and browse them here or download a .csv list here.

How do I reuse my reviews?

  1. choose an NPRC journal that suits your manuscript
  2. revise your paper in accord with a) the existing reviews of your manuscript and b) the formatting guidelines for the next journal
  3. resubmit to the next journal, along with a cover letter describing the changes that have been made, the name and manuscript ID at the first journal
  4. contact the first journal and ask that reviews be forwarded, stating the name and manuscript ID at the next journal

What information will be forwarded to the next journal?

  • the review texts
  • the names of the reviewers (provided that the reviewers have agreed to this)

No confidential comments will be forwarded, nor will priority ratings or other scores.

Can I choose which reviews to reuse?

Forwarding of reviews is all-or-none. Authors may not select which reviews will be forwarded. If a manuscript went through multiple rounds of review at the first journal, the reviews from all rounds will be forwarded. A journal will forward its reviews only to one other journal. If that journal also rejects the manuscript, all accumulated reviews must go to a third journal.

How will editors at the new journal use my reviews?

The editors of the next journal will use forwarded reviews at their discretion. They may use those reviews directly to make a decision, but may also request further reviews if they feel it is warranted. If the editors of the next journal think the reviews lack sufficient expertise or depth, they may choose to disregard them and base their decision on new reviews.