Join the NPRC!

All MEDLINE-indexed journals that publish peer-reviewed research in the broad field of neuroscience are welcome to join NPRC.

If you are the editor in chief for a journal that wants to join, please send an email to: with the following information:

  • name of the journal
  • name of the editor in chief
  • contact person
  • contact email
  • journal’s webpage

Terms and conditions

By joining the consortium, the journal agrees to do the following:

  1. forward all reviews of a manuscript to another NPRC journal if authors have resubmitted that manuscript and requested that the reviews be forward. If the manuscript went through multiple rounds of review, the reviews from all rounds must be forwarded.
  2. configure review forms so that there are no confidential comments to the editors, except as pertains to human or animal subject welfare, conflict of interest, or scientific misconduct. It is essential that authors know all the material that would be forwarded, so they can make a fully-informed decision, and that editors receive complete information. In the event the editors identify an issue such as subject welfare, conflict of interest, or scientific misconduct, this must be resolved by the editors of the first journal before reviews are forwarded.
  3. inform reviewers that their reviews may be forwarded to another NPRC journal, and ask them for permission to include the reviewer’s name with the review. If permission to include the reviewer’s name is not given, the narrative review would still be transmitted, but the reviewer’s anonymity would be preserved. NPRC journals must protect the confidentiality and anonymity of forwarded reviews as they would those of original reviews.