The aim of NPRC is to reduce the time and effort involved in the peer review of original neuroscience research reports
  • a cross-publisher alliance of neuroscience journals that accept manuscript reviews from other NPRC journals
  • open to any neuroscience journal that is indexed by MEDLINE. View complete list of participating journals
  • entails no cost or work, and provides a payoff in reduced work for authors, reviewers, and editors

The NPRC permits authors whose papers are not accepted by one journal in the Consortium and wish to submit their manuscripts to a second participating journal to request that the previous set of reviews be forwarded.

How to use and join NPRC

Authors can ask that reviews are forwarded to another NPRC journal when a manuscript has been rejected. Find out how you can benefit from forwarding reviews.

Journals in the consortium benefit by reducing the workload on reviewers, thus making it easier to find new reviewers when necessary. Join NPRC today!

INCF provides infrastructure

incf-short-logo-pantone The International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility (INCF) manages the consortium, administers the journal applications, and hosts the website. INCF does not handle manuscripts or manage reviewer assignments. Please contact the journals directly for questions about these issues.

INCF was launched in 2005, following a proposal from the Global Science Forum of the OECD to establish international coordination and collaborative informatics infrastructure for neuroscience. INCF has Nodes spanning Australia, Asia, Europe and North America, and aims to develop standards for neuroscience data sharing, analysis, modeling and simulation while coordinating an informatics infrastructure designed to enable the integration of neuroscience data and knowledge worldwide and catalyze insights into brain function in health and disease. Read more about our activities at www.incf.org


The idea of NPRC came from journal editors who saw that many solid manuscripts were being rejected because of space limitations or because the articles were not appropriate for their journals. Authors then resubmit their rejected article to another journal, which must engage another set of peer reviewers. In some cases, the same reviewers are called upon again to provide comments. Read more about NPRC’s background.


Contact us at nprc-info@incf.org if you have questions about the consortium.